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Cooperation and wholesale

This section of the forum is dedicated to the wholesale of hemp seeds and mutually beneficial partnerships. We invite to cooperation shops, as well as enthusiasts who want to earn good money on a referral program. Our resource has existed for more than ten years, we work closely with well-known seed banks, private breeders from Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. Today we invite everyone to become part of a professional team aimed at the result. In this section you can choose the type of cooperation that suits you: dropshipping, referral system, direct advertising, purchase of seeds and spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at wholesale prices. For our part, we guarantee comprehensive assistance and professional advice at any stage of cooperation.


  1. Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is not just a mutually beneficial cooperation scheme, but also a surprisingly simple way to make good money without investing. Perhaps you are the owner of the selling site and do not mind placing the products of your partners on its pages. For each order, issued goods, you will receive a good percentage of its value (40%). You can learn more about cooperation under the dropshipping scheme in this section. Today it is the most profitable and not costly way to get a good profit.

  2. Cannabis seeds at wholesale prices

    Would you like to buy elite hemp seeds at wholesale prices? Then you are in the right section. The GangaSeedsGroup team offers quality seed from famous seedbanks and private breeders at wholesale prices. In our assortment, hemp seeds from BangSeeds, GanjaSeeds, Ganja Vip and GanjaLiveSeeds, as well as nuts from well-known breeders from Spain, the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. All batches of seeds have been repeatedly tested in open ground and home greenhouse, they are stored in a specially designated room at optimal humidity, temperature and have a high percentage of germination (99%). We provide the opportunity to order seeds from us in bulk in company packaging, as well as in bulk. The terms of cooperation can be found in the topics of this section.м

  3. Cooperation

    In this section, we have described in detail the types of possible cooperation. Everyone can find exactly those conditions that are suitable only for him. If you are the owner of a site or an online store, then you may be interested in direct advertising or dropshipping. If you are an enthusiast who is ready to make good money with a team of professionals, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of the referral system or the wholesale purchase of hemp seeds and spores of psilocybin mushrooms. The conditions are so tempting that a simple mathematical calculation will show you a profit of more than 300%. You will not meet such anywhere. Read more about cooperation in the topics of this section.

  4. Spore prints at wholesale prices

    In this section, we offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms at wholesale prices. The GanjaSeedsGroup team works closely with an independent coalition of ethnic botanists from around the world, as well as with the disputed bank Gribo4ek. In our assortment of rare strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms from Thailand, Mexico, Canada, USA, Brazil and other exotic countries. The strains are adapted for growing at home, and some even in open ground. Only here you can buy strains of magic mushrooms in company packaging at wholesale prices. If you are the owner of the site and want to present the original product to the customers in the designer packaging of your store, then we can offer spore prints of psilocybin mushrooms only in a sterile ziplock. Read more about cooperation in this section.

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