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Dear applicants and wishing to enter our Academy of Grovers, the educational program of the Academy involves not only training lessons on growing cannabis, but is also divided into several thematic branches. Each faculty has a narrowly focused training program.

Having chosen the faculty "Indore / Earth / Coconut / Organics", the student will get acquainted with the basics of cultivating cannabis at home, will study in detail the methodology and methods for growing fragrant inflorescences on the ground and coconut, and will master the secrets of organics and other methods of home growing.

At the Faculty of Biology, students get acquainted with the basics of plant life, the rules for caring for them, the secrets of successfully crossing various hybrids and landrace, as well as obtaining high-quality seeds.

At the Hydroponics courses, entrants will have an exciting journey into the world of hydroponic cultivation of plants without the use of dense substrates and earth. More information about the faculties of the Academy can be found in this section of the forum.


  1. Indore / earth / Coconut / Organic

    This faculty is headed by the best masters of their craft. Experienced teachers specializing in the cultivation of cannabis at home, will introduce students to the rules for the preparation of complex soils, will not bypass fertilizers and explain the difference between the use of chemical and organic fertilizing. Here, applicants are waiting for comprehensive knowledge about using coconut flakes as a substrate, safety basics, clear instructions for equipping a home greenhouse, and much more.

  2. Biology

    An exciting journey through the world of botany awaits students at the Biology faculty. Applicants will learn about all the life processes of hemp, its nutritional preferences, the secrets of increasing yields, preventing diseases, as well as the intricacies of crossing dioecious plants, obtaining their own unique hybrids, as well as the basics of cloning and feminization.

    The teachers of the course are experienced ethnobotanists who are ready to share many years of experience in the successful cultivation of cannabis, obtaining seed material and breeding their own varieties. Students will get acquainted with the multifaceted chemical composition of cannabis resin, learn about the properties of the terpene composition, the positive effects of marijuana on the body and much more. Professors are sure to touch on medical topics and tell about the underestimated potential of a favorite plant that can challenge many therapeutic drugs.

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  3. Hydroponics

    Growing cannabis without soil is a real art. At the Hydroponics faculty, students will get acquainted with the amazing hemp cultivation technique without the use of coconut and earth. Experienced teachers will tell applicants about the rules for compiling a nutrient medium, will tell you the intricacies of acquiring suitable hydroponic installations, answer any questions from students and help them cope with all difficulties.

    When choosing a hydroponics method, you should understand that supplying micronutrients directly to the roots of plants facilitates the growing process, but at the same time it is a rather painstaking method that does not forgive gross mistakes.

    With this method of growing plants, less energy is spent on the development of the root system and direct all vital energy to the formation of large and resinous inflorescences. This aspect involves the use of high power lamps, so the general issues of arranging a greenhouse will also be discussed on the course.

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  4. Electronics / Electrics

    Growing hemp at home is associated with the technical equipment of the greenhouse and the proper installation of the appropriate lighting cultivation technique.

    • How to connect a high pressure sodium lamp?
    • What is the difference between different lamps?
    • How to prevent a fire in the grow room and to avoid a short circuit?
    • What kind of wires to buy, what devices are necessary for the hassle-free cultivation of hemp?

    These and many other questions will be considered at this faculty of our academy. The teachers of the course are experienced gardeners who devoted their free time to studying the effects of light waves on crop yields and plant health, who have an appropriate education behind them, which literally allows them to "swim like a fish in water" in the world of electronics and electrics.

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  5. Artificial Intelligence

    The faculty is fully devoted to artificial intelligence, which is used for growing cannabis at home. The organization of an autonomous greenhouse is the dream of every botanist who has at least once grown several cannabis cycles. Currently, our academy is collaborating with outstanding minds in the field of electronics and artificial intelligence.

    Our partners have developed a unique system that allows you to transfer all the indications from the growbox to your phone or computer:

        light saturation;
        concentration of nutrients in the substrate;
        air humidity level;
        soil acidity.

    The program is able to free the grower from daily watering, control and anxiety. Autonomous watering, temperature and humidity control can now be carried out remotely. Our teachers will share the secrets of using "smart" programs, talk about the pitfalls of this technique and guide their students to the very harvest.

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  6. Mycology

    At this faculty, students are waiting for an exciting journey through the basics of microbiology. The main bias is made into the subsection Mycology, the science of mushrooms. Applicants will be revealed the secrets of growing hallucinogenic mushrooms on various substrates, the mysterious recipes for the preparation of ceremonial drinks and the rules for drinking psilocybe.

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